Friday, October 24, 2008

Roman Greek Goddess Halloween Costume idea

if you're celebrating halloween this year, and want to dress up as a roman greek goddess at an affordable price (annnnnnnnnd) you get to reuse your costume in nummmmmmerous ways, then keep on reading.

Right across from my school is this American Apparel store, and they have these super cute Halloween costume ideas ranging from Batman to superman etc. but what realllly caught my eye was this dress that you could dress up in many different ways (similar to victoria secret's 100 ways thingie bra (forgot the name but i have it, you can change the straps around to accomodate your dress/clothing))

soooo the Roman Greek Goddess Halloween Costume idea:

the Le Sac dress (in white) with copper (they have gold coming out soon supposedly) strings.

the picture below is the Le Sac dress in purple, but you can buy the white one and instead of black get the copper strings, and voila, costume! plussss you can create so many different unique looks with it.

ONLY $38 bucks. much much cheaper than most cute costumes! and you really can't wear your costume to work everyday..... :) enjoy! buy

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they have all these string colors:


Lamé Turquoise

Light Copper

Lamé Black

Red / White

Fluorescent Green


White + Black Polka Dot

Black + White Polka Dot

American Blue


Athletic Grey

more pictures

Style RSA0300

ps the way i like it isn't on the website, but it's an off shouldered look.


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