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Walgreens $5 Dollar Coupon Friday 06/27/08 only! one day only!`

Walgreens $5 Dollar Coupon Friday 06/27/08 only! one day only!`


Walgreens coupon, $5 off your in-store purchase of $20 or more. Valid in Walgreens stores on Friday, June 27, 2008 only during regular store hours only. Excludes alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions, prescription co-pays, gift cards, pre-paid cards and items prohibited by law. Limit one coupon per customer per offer. Minimum subtotal must equal $20 or more before sales tax; subtotal must include all other applied discounts and coupons. Cash value 1/100¢. No cash back.

Michael's Coupon 50% off

got from my email:
just to let everyone know, I will be mia this weekend, gotta spend quality family time :) Hope everyone will have a great weekend!



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Milani Wet./Dry Eyeshadows for Sale

Milani Wet/Dry Eyeshadows for sale, $3 each or $24 total. (I got them for about 40 including tax at CVS Pharmacy) All are just swiped once or twice with cotton applicator and all have been cleaned and sterilized.

shipping and handling to US: $7, to international $12


top row (left to right): #12 Silver Charm, #04 Coffee Shop, #10 blue lagoon, #05 girls luv pink (a tiny
bottom row (left to right): #08 shamrock, #11 beach sand, #09 caribbean sea, #06 royalty

if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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oh the things people have to do for their jobs...

source1 source 2 Matt Damon has packed on quite a few pounds for his new movie "The Informant" yikes...I think i'd cry if i had to gain weight for a job :( wouldn't you?

he used to look soooo......

A model speaks out via Jezebel

you guys have to read this.... it's really sad.

Today we learned New York congressman and Huma Abedin BF Anthony Weiner had sponsored a bill to amend immigration laws to make it easier for foreign models to get H1-B visas. "The market is calling for foreign girls," said someone from Trump Model Management. "From Fashion Week to our vibrant publishing industry to the many designers that call New York City home, fashion is a vital part of our economy that drives thousands of jobs," Weiner told the Daily News. And hell if we're going to let the pinko protectionist traditions that so define the fashion industry threaten our competitiveness for a moment longer! Clearly, there are just too many clothes out there, and not enough 23-inch-waisted waifs to fit into the sample sizes! Anyway, Jezebel's anonymous model columnist Tatiana is in New York for a few weeks, and she's positively thrilled for the influx of new blood, let me tell you. Wait no, let her tell you! Without further ado, Tatiana spills on an average night in the world's most fulfilling line of work.

Last night I worked, unpaid, for six hours so that a fashion designer could continue dressing socialites and selling out her sunglass and perfume licenses and decorating her SoHo apartment with Picassos. I did it notionally for pictures on ("Think of your pictures on!" a minder hissed whenever we models began to look slightly wilted in the third hour of standing, immobile, in shoes invariably two sizes too small or two too big.) But actually, if you want to be technical, I did it for two slices of melon and a lipstick and a dress. And I did it because I knew if I hadn't, my agency would've been disappointed — "She's a little difficult," I could already hear my cokeblown oaf of a booker whispering in a client's ear, "how about Dasha or Angelika instead, mmh?" — and because I would've been replaced for the show in less than an instant if I had quibbled with the remuneration offered.

Six hours. didn't even get my good side.

We had come from Brazil and Canada, from the Ukraine and the Bronx. From Croatia, Australia, and Korea. We had come to work a presentation — to spend three hours in hair and makeup, and three hours entertaining those individuals wealthy and well-connected enough to make the guest list. We wore a resort collection. Although resort collections are timed for mid-winter release, they are brief, pretty, summery garments — the idea being that you pack them to take on your January cruise. This is my "career" in a nutshell: I work for free to sell overpriced clothes to the women for whom an invitation to a fashion show and a Picasso and a January cruise are among life's givens.

There were a dozen of us and we were hungry, for backstage there had been a fruit tray and a pallet of Poland Spring bottled water. (I watched while a girl from Russia ate all the grapes.) On the months when I make more money writing this column than I do selling the rights to my own image, I've been known to wrap leftover food in napkins and take it home with me from the inevitable pastry trays and sandwich plates of the catered world I move in; last night's pickings were so poor ("I can't believe this shit! A two-inch nubbin of brie and some tangerines," squalled the girl from one of the places they use the word "nubbin.") It wouldn't have been worth the trouble, even had there been leftovers, which there were not. During the show, the Russian had to be helped from the stage when she feared she would faint.

The guests sipped champagne and munched on caviar-and-smoked-salmon canapés.

"Beautiful," a woman in a cocktail dress murmured between bites. Her suited companion asked if he should buy the blue one in her size. Event photographers' flashbulbs popped whenever a new boldface name made an entrance. We stood, living statues, not even allowed to converse as the press took our pictures.

Each of the models was decked with enough gold and diamonds that I could've lived comfortably off the proceeds of my bracelets for years. The girl next to me wore a pavé necklace as thick as a garden snake. I counted eight security guards — who kept an eye on us not because the owners were worried unduly about a model making off with the goods (finding the culprit would hardly be difficult) but because, as the guard who accompanied me outside to the fire escape for a pre-show cigarette explained, there was a slight risk of the event itself being robbed, or of one of us being kidnapped.

The eight security guards were being paid. The twelve models were not.

In the end, when the guests finally began to leave, and we were led down from the stage on our throbbing feet, there were no more canapés, and nor were there the promised glasses of champagne. The Russian, though pale, had been revived, and the jewels were returned to their safe without incident. I put on my street clothes and turned up my iPod and made myself smile at the designer as I left. Outside, a guest who hadn't been quick enough for a gift bag grabbed my arm and asked if I wouldn't mind giving her mine. I declined. "But what's in it, what's in there?" she persisted, pawing at the heavy embossed paper sack. I couldn't find the words to reply, so I mutely pointed at my mouth. "Oh." She shrugged and released the bag. "Lipstick? Fine. You keep it then."

I suppose The Great Gatsby or some other book about young people from modest backgrounds who consort for a time with an extremely rarefied crowd — I actually have friends who, entirely good-naturedly, invite me to their birthday parties in Gstaad and seem not to grasp why I always must send my regrets — could've told me that the Learjet echelon have their own special world and that there is a fundamental, limiting opacity to their understanding of and interest in what goes on outside of it, but then again no lesson quite sticks like one you learn for yourself.

I went home and called a friend in another country and angrily vented the story — Picasso! Diamonds! Sunglasses and perfume licenses! A fruit plate with a nubbin of brie! — and, when we hung up, I cried. As you read this, I'll be at another "job" with no paycheck, and as for tomorrow and its castings, nobody knows what they portend.

Karolina Kurkova fat...what? you call this fat?


If you believe the Brazilian press, this is a fat woman. puhlease, if i was that size i'd die happy hahaha =P I mean sure she may have gained a few pounds, but she's still pretty and real.

Karolina Kurkova
Supermodel Karolina Kurkova was blasted over the weekend for the above appearance at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. One paper called her out for having cellulite and back fat.

more info:
SEXY supermodel Karolina Kurkova has been attacked by the Brazilian media for appearing too fat on the runway.

Czech Kurkova was slated in the country for appearing in a bikini with what critics called "back fat, love handles and cellulite".

Kurkova, 24, is best known for being a Victoria's Secret Angel whose superfit physique has graced the pages of fashion magazines around the world.

But her recent appearance at the Cia Maritima show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week had fashion critics up in arms.

An article in a Brazilian paper about the leggy 5'11" Kurkova described how "shocked" the audience was when she appeared looking uncharacteristically chubby with "cellulite on her butt."

Kurkova is one of the world's highest-paid models, according to Forbes.

In addition to Victoria's Secret, she has featured in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel and Balenciaga.

The fashion industry has been under fire recently for its promotion of skinny models and pledged to adopt a more healthy image for young girls who often force themselves to become thin in the battle to secure a place among the top tier.

In 2006, Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston, 21, made headlines when she died of anorexia on the eve of a Paris photoshoot after subsisting on a diet of apples and tomatoes for several months. At 5'8", she weighed just 39.9kg.

In 2007, Uruguayan fashion model Eliana Ramos, 18, died of a heart attack believed to be related to malnutrition.

The shocking deaths prompted a public outcry and heavy criticism of the fashion industry for promoting unattainable standards of beauty.

How to lose belly fat

another interesting read!

By Kat Beechum - 2007-06-25
Find more articles like this in our Diets and Weightloss category.

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I know, isn't that the worst place to carry fat, on your tummy, especially if you are a woman, the amount of times some of my friends have been asked when they are expecting... very embarrassing!

As a woman, I know how easy it is to gain weight around the stomach and hips, god only knows why it has to go there, but it does, and once you have a little bit, it seems to attract more, what is the saying "like attracts like", it certainly rings true when it comes to weight gain around the stomach and hip area!

I find the belly is one of the hardest places to "shift" weight, how about you?

Well, I don't know about you, but I wanted to find a quick, safe and easy way to move this belly fat, without it disrupting meal times at my place, they are disruptive enough without having to think about cooking two different meals! Who can be bothered at the end of the day?!

I took it upon myself, conned my mother and sister to do it with me, to investigate a new "diet" I had heard about a few years ago that is based on your metabolism type and the portion size of each meal based on 3 categories, fat, protein and carbohydrates.

To date, I have found this to be the quickest, safest and easiest way to lose belly fat and weight. My Mum lost 10kg's in 3 months, my sister lost 5kg's in 2 months and I also lost 10kg's in 3 months, so I know it works!

Ok, are you ready to give this a shot? I promise it will be painless...

Lose that belly fat! Follow these easy steps to a slimmer tummy (and you) in weeks!:

1. Work out your metabolism type.

To do this, answer the following questions:

How do you feel after eating a large meal? Tired, hungry, what?

What foods do you crave?

How do you gain weight?

Do you eat breakfast?

Are you hungry all the time?

You are a Type 1 if:

You feel hungry after eating, normally just 10 minutes later

You crave salty or fatty foods between meals

You gain weight easily, no matter what you eat

You eat breakfast

You are hungry constantly

You are a Type 2 if:

You feel tired and heavy after a large meal

You crave sweets between meals

You gain weight when you eat too many fats or sweets

You don't eat breakfast

You are not hungry after eating

The difference between the types is simple. Type 1 burns fat quicker than a Type 2, making it slightly easier for a Type 1 to lose weight than a Type 2, but only just.

2. Be aware of your metabolism type:

When you are eating and look for obvious things that "help" you to gain weight, ie Type 1, cut out fatty, salty foods and Type 2 cut out on your sweet foods. If you can't "cut" these out, reduce your intake. Whatever you do, make a start.

3. Type 1:

Eat more good proteins and good fats

Type 2 eat more complex carbohydrates.

This means that as a Type 1, you should avoid eating too much complex carbs and as a Type 2, you should avoid eating too much protein and fat.

What are examples of good proteins, fats and complex carbs? I'll tell you:

Good Proteins include: Chicken, turkey, most fish, milk (low fat), cheese (low fat) butter, eggs, and most veges.

Good Fats include: Almond oil, Olive oil, Canola oil and butter.

Complex Carbohydrates include: Oatmeal, brown rice, avocado's, whole wheat bread, white rice and pasta.

4. The key to this whole "diet"

Reduce your portion sizes! Remember your metabolism type? Remember what you should be eating? The following is the percentages of these 3 food categories as per your metabolism type:

Type 1 - 20% Fat, 40% Protein, 40% Complex Carbohydrates.

Type 2 - 10% Fat, 25% Protein, 40% Complex Carbohydrates.

These percentages are calculated in weight/mass, not in calories.

5. Apply the portion sizes to every meal.

Your plate should resemble the percentages as above. This is a key to losing the weight quickly. If you can stick to the portion sizes you WILL lose weight. This means that you can still eat some of the foods you like, even if they are "bad" for you, making it easier to follow and stick to.

6. Use a natural product to help you.

If you are a Type 2, you can be susceptible to constipation, so try something natural from your health shop to help with bowel movements. If you are a Type 1, try some natural foods to help you ease out of the fatty and salty food habits, snack on other things that are better for you.

7. Lastly, exercise!

Ha ha, I know you thought I wasn't going to mention it, but you need to get your metabolism going, especially if you are a Type 2, this will help you lose weight quicker. 30 minutes, 5 times a week is all it takes, consistency is the key - keep at it.

There you have it, 7 steps to get rid of stomach fat quickly, safely and easily. Portion sizes and consistency in exercise is the key to making this diet work. Make a goal to do this for at least 3 months and you WILL lose that belly fat.

How to get rid of Belly Fat

interesting read! oh baby i have to take this to heart. you gotta exorcise sugar out of your system!

What is that thing that’s been growing around your mid-section since you started college? Is it a beer belly? Is it belly fat? Is it tummy fat? Is it a gut or a beer gut? There are so many names for the fat that builds up around our stomachs, is it any wonder why it’s become a national obsession? But don’t misperceive our obsession with fat as war on fat. A little body fat is actually good for you. It keeps you warm and helps your body maintain a sufficient core temperature and nutrients when we get sick and can’t eat. Personally, I like the little tummy I have, and I’d rather it stay that way—little. So, I’ve started working out. Evidence is starting to prove the theory that lifting weights (anaerobic exercise, or weight training) and using the Stair Master (aerobic exercise) will help you get rid of that extra weight around your midsection. A healthy diet is also a good idea. So, I’ve summarized here a list of things you should take into consideration if you’re serious about losing that tummy: Reducing the amount of calories you consume is the most effective way to get rid of belly fat. Really, when it comes down to it, losing any kind of fat, no matter where it is on your body, requires you to consume less calories than you body needs. This lack of calories will set into motion the processing of excess body fat to make up for the lack of calories. But don’t go all crazy about it. Starving your body of calories is only good to a certain extent, after a point you begin to do damage to important things, like your central nervous system. There’s a reason they call it a “beer belly,” and drinking less beer, or quitting drinking altogether, will help you lose belly fat. No matter who (or how good looking) the drinker is, beer is bad for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is the caloric content of beer. The less obvious reasons are the inflammation of the pancreas and liver, and the bloating that often accompany the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages; this includes alcohol mixed with sweet, sugary liquids like soda.
Consuming less food loaded with sugar will help you to lose tummy fat. Sugar is a big one. The sugar found in junk food and soda is the kind of sugar that burns quickly, unlike those sugars found in fruits and vegetables, which burn more slowly. If your body is processing sugar to create energy, and you’re not using any energy, those sugars will be converted into fat for later use. If you’re going to enjoy sweets, enjoy them right before you use the Stair Master. There’s nothing wrong with strengthening your abdominal muscles, but it won’t get rid of belly fat like magic. You may want to consider not only working out your abs, but also working out your shoulders, pectorals, back, and arms to help create a more shapely “V” figure, which will help reduce the appearance of your belly. Keep this in mind: bulking up your muscles requires fewer reps (about 8) and fewer sets with greater weight. Building leaner muscle requires more reps, more sets, and less weight. Daily exercise and walking will definitely get rid of belly fat. Going for a walk after a big meal or enjoying a dessert is never a bad idea. When Natasha and I were in Europe, we ate our fair share of delicacies, but we didn’t gain a single pound—in fact, we actually lost weight—because we walked everywhere. We walked from the train station to our hotel, and from our hotel to the restaurant, and from the restaurant to the museums, and from the museums to the…well, you get my point. As I mentioned in section four, there isn’t really an exercise that will get rid of your belly. Certainly, exercising your abdominal muscles is a good idea, because building any kind of lean muscle will improve your body’s ability to process calories more efficiently. The more muscle you have, the more calories you body needs to maintain those muscles. If you keep your caloric intake to a minimum, then your body will start to use the fat on your body for energy, thus reducing the amount of fat hanging from your belly. And strengthening your abdominal muscles will have two effects: first, it helps you build muscles that will help you burn more calories during the course of the day, and second, larger abdominal muscles tend to stretch the skin around them, tightening your belly and reducing the amount of belly that sags over your waist line. But here’s the catch: only working your abdominal muscles isn’t going to do much for you. You should definitely consider joining a gym and working on a weight lifting routine that works as many of your muscle groups as possible, and a daily aerobic routine to help you burn the fat you already have.

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Urban Outfitters Sale

I did some major posting today, so be sure to check out my other posts down below!

anyways I just wanted to share an Urban Outfitters sale:

and i always list my
image source

Urban Outfitters Sale: Up to 80% off + Extra 20% off Coupon Urban Outfitters has cut prices on select men's and women's apparel up to 80% off during their latest Sale. Use coupon code: SECRETSALE for an extra 20% off your entire order. Shipping starts at $5.95 or is free on orders of $200+. review

image source
There's a sale going on right now on! source

What does is it sells you gift certificates for a much lower price. and todayyyy they have a 60% off coupon. coupons expire one year after purchase.

what steal deals says:

They have $25 gift certificates for just $4 after you apply the coupon code below.

NET PROFIT TO YOU: $21 of free food


1. Go to

2. Enter your zip code for local restaurants.

3. Pick the certificates you would like and select
Add to Cart.

4. At checkout enter promo code:
MEALS and Recalculate Total.

has anyone ever tried this? I heard that you have to be careful of what you click afterwards because sometimes if you click a pop up they sign you up for a service and charge you, but you can simply cancel it (I've done a little internet research)

ps i called the restaurants to make sure they were accepting gift certificates from and they do!

so basically after your order when it says:

Thank You...
Please complete your survey and claim your reward –


Thank you for your order from today! Complete your 2007 Consumer Survey and registration to claim your $10.00 Cash Back Award on your purchase today. (Click here for $10.00 Cash Back details) Plus, get all the money-saving benefits of Shopping Essentials+SM, our premier shopper savings program!

it works! i

Celebrity Makeup Artist tips from Kim Cattral's and Jessica Parker's MA

image source

article source

Q & A with Kyra Panchenko
Kim Cattrall’s Makeup Artist on Sex and The City

Q: What MAC products did you use on Kim Catrall?

A: I used Blot Powder in Medium, Eye Kohl in Teddy and the amazing Cleansing Tips to clean up under the eyes.

(kimmei: makes me want to buy them now!)

Q: What was the makeup look you were trying to achieve for her in the movie?
A: I was going for a “California girl” look for Kim. Her character Samantha moves to LA so, I kept her pretty tanned and bronzed. Kim went through loads of Wipes to remove her body make-up each day and loved how gentle they were on her skin.

Q: Who are your celebrity clients?
A: My clientele list includes: Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster, Kim Cattrall, Amy Adams

Q & A with Judy Chin
Sarah Jessica Parker’s Makeup Artist on Sex and the City

Q: What MAC products were used on Sarah Jessica Parker?
A: I used the Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved, Blot Powder, Paint Pots, Fluidline and Mascara X

Q: What was the makeup look you were trying to achieve for her in the movie?
A: Sarah had many looks for this film but one thing that I always wanted to be present for her was a natural beauty that didn’t look like makeup. I tried to keep her eyes the focus by creating a strong yet natural lashline and I always framed her eyes with beautiful lashes. A healthy rosy flush to her cheeks, a soft mouth and clean healthy skin that had a natural glow and shine to it.

Q: What tips do you have for creating this look?

A: I worked the eye pencil into her lashline by applying it in between her lashes and smudged it very softly to blend it. I was careful to coat her lashes from the root and brushed them out - and we always curled them. I often opted for a cream blush that I could layer and blend into her skin. I used a lightweight foundation that gave me a light dewy finish and incorporated that with using concealer only when and where I needed it. I used blot film to remove excess shine and powdered only if I needed to.

Q: Who are your other celebrity clients?
A: Jennifer Connelly, Rachel Weisz and I’m currently working on a project with Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst.

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MAC Cult of Cherry Release September


Here’s the first look at two of the quads from the Cult of Cherry collection due this summer!

Eyeshadow Quad: Shadowy Lady Quad $36.00USD (LE)

  • Light Fall
  • Smudge Violet
  • Deep Truth - Dark blue (Frost) (Repromote)
  • Shadowy Lady - Darkly veiled plum (Matte) (Repromote)

Eyeshadow Quad: Spiced Chocolate $36.00USD (LE)

  • Nanogold - Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl (Lustre) (Repromote from N Collection)
  • Brash
  • Spiced Chocolate
  • Sweet Chestnut

Check out the Cult of Cherry Discussion for the latest spicy dish.

Swatches as they become available.

Click the jump for a peek!



For a look at all of the quads, their swatches and the first images of the Cult of Cherry blushes, click the jump to read more.







everybody seems to want Sharp, but I dunno it reminds me of that lime green from fafi, andddd I haven't touched that baby since forever! So I'll pass but I'm loving the Plum du Bois (so french chic, love it!)

Have a lovely week everyone! Remember to smile! You are all beautiful.

MAC Release Colour Forms Nordstrom July Release


anyone rushing to nordstrom for this?

Colour Forms Collection
11 July 2008 [US/Canada]
August 2008 [international]

This is the Nordstrom's Anniversary collection. It will be available at Nordstroms, and The Bay.

Eye Palettes $38.00USD
  • 5 Warm Eyes (LE)
    -Fertile-blackened brown (S) (not the same as strange hybrid/heatherette)
    -Chillproof - Frosty creamy white (F)
    -Tancentic - Frosty beige pink (VP)
    -Rolled Gold - Frosty golden olive (L)
    -Rustic - Frosted copper red (VP)
    -213SE Brush - For application of eye shadow to the lid area. This brush has a thick bundle of fibers arranged in a rounded shape.

  • 5 Cool Eyes (LE)
    -Radial Pink - Frosty white pink (V)
    -Brown Border - Frosty plum(VP)
    -Spot Colour - Mid-tone blue purple w/ white pearlized pigments (L)
    -Blue Spill - Mid-tone cornflower blue w/ gold pearlized pigments (F)
    -Slate-Smoke grey (S)
    -213SE Brush - For application of eye shadow to the lid area. This brush has a thick bundle of fibers arranged in a rounded shape.

Lip Palettes $22.50USD
  • Warm Lips (LE)
    -Fresh and Fun (Lipstick) - Creamy neutral coral (F)
    -Oh Garnet (Lipstick) - Creamy mid-tone red (A) (Repromote from Adorn)
    -Flash of Flesh (Lipgloss) - Sheer peach pink w/ multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (Repromote from D'Bohemia. This is also the exact same colour as the Kei lipglass that was released with MAC for Y and Kei.)
    -316SE Brush - For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibers and a tapered tip

  • Cool Lips (LE)
    -Miss Rose Lipstick - Creamy mid-tone blue pink (L)
    -Cassis Royale Lipstick - Sheer mid-tone plum (L)
    -Virginity Lipglass - Sheer mid-tone pink w/ pink pearlized pigments
    -316SE Brush - For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibers and a tapered tip.

  • Neutral Lips (LE)
    -Altered Beige - Creamy yellow beige (L)
    -Square Root - Mid-tone burnt bronze (F)
    -Lunar - Sheer creamy yellow beige w/ white pearlized pigments
    -316SE Brush - For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibers and a tapered tip.

Brush Sets $49.50USD
  • 5 Advanced Brushes (LE) Black handles & ferrules in a green nylon rectangle bag

    -187SE - A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.
    -168SE - For expert application of cheek contour. This brush is a large angled contour - the fibers form a buffed edge and are soft and firmly bundled.
    -212SE - Lines and define the eye with colour. Firmly bristled, flat of shape; applies colour in a stroke to provide instant definition. Use with powder, liquid or cream products. Synthetic.
    -219SE - For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye.
    -275SE - For applying and blending eye shadow. This brush has soft, smooth fibers and a full, angled design.

  • 5 Advanced Brushes (LE) Black handles & ferrules in a purple nylon rectangle bag

    -187SE - A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.
    -168SE - For expert application of cheek contour. This brush is a large angled contour - the fibers form a buffed edge and are soft and firmly bundled.
    -212SE - Lines and define the eye with colour. Firmly bristled, flat of shape; applies colour in a stroke to provide instant definition. Use with powder, liquid or cream products. Synthetic.
    -219SE - For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye.
    -275SE - For applying and blending eye shadow. This brush has soft, smooth fibers and a full, angled design.

  • 5 Basic Brushes (LE) Black handles & ferrules in an orange nylon rectangle bag

    -129SE - All-purpose for blush or face powder. This brush is particularly good for blush application. The fibers are soft and form a full, rounded shape.
    -190SE -Pro-quality. A foundation brush designed to create even finish, flawless look. Works well with any M·A·C foundation, including Studio Fix and Studio Tech. . A professional-class foundation brush designed to provide a smooth, even finish, flawless look. Use to apply, distribute, and blend foundation into all areas in the face.
    -224SE - For controlled eye shadow application. This brush has soft fibers which taper to form a medium size dome shape.
    -242SE - For powder, concealer or emollient-based product application. This brush has firm fibers carefully shaped to form a rounded edge for a smooth, even finish.
    -266SE - For creating sharp, precise lines. This brush has fibers which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle.

Lipsticks (LE) $14.00USD
  • Naked to the Core - Creamy soft neutral pink outer w/ sheer beige pearlized core (L)
  • Pop Circle - Creamy bright blue pink outer w/ sheer pale pink pearlized core (L)
  • Inner Hue - Creamy mid-tone coral outter w/ sheer golden peach pearlized core (L)
  • Rose Go Round - Creamy burgundy outer w/ sheer golden pink pearlized core (L)

Richmetal Highlighter (LE) $16.50USD Richmetal Highlighter is a highlighter that can be used to create intense, multi-dimensional, metallic-looking effects on the skin. This product was also released with MACouture, but with different colours.
  • Female - Frosty pale pink w/ green gold pearlized pigments
  • Deep Deposit - Frosty deep blackened burgundy
  • Quick Flash - Frosty warm gold
  • Rose Bullion - Frosty mid-tone pink w/ gold pearlized pigments
  • Dark Influence - Frosty purple w/ pink pearlized pigments
  • Positive Charge - Frosty copper w/ gold pearlized pigments

Pigments (LE) $19.50USD
  • Royal Flush - Frosty mid-tone red
  • Gilded Green - Frosty mid-tone green w/ gold pearlized pigments
  • Tea Time - Bronzed brown w/ multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
  • Jardin Aires - Tan w/ gold pearlized pigments (Repromote from Strange Hybrid and Heatherette)
  • Circa Plum - Frosty mid-tone lavender
  • Steel Blue - Rich deep turquoise greenblue w/ small pearlized pigments (PRO)

Colour Form Powder (LE) $24.50USD Contains 4 shades
  • Sun Centered
    -Coral w/ gold pearlized pigments
    -Mid-tone bronze
    -Soft wheat w/ gold & silver pearlized pigments
    -Soft peach w/ white pearlized pigments

  • Play Around Pink
    -Intense blue mid-tone pink w/pearlized pigments
    -Soft pink w/ pink & white pearlized pigments
    -Light pink

don' they all look so pretty?

MAC Lipstick Haul and Classy Minerals Review

hi everyone, sorry i've been mia, haven't been posting much etc. I'm trying to learn Japanese! So I've been studying and studying :) I actually took it as a kid, but I forgot most of what I learned, so now I'm back to basics...=P

another youtube video! (i was super tired, sorry !) and of course i have yet to install a video editing software...sorry!

Me today: (man i was tired, good news was the weather wasn't super hot today)


I really love that orange mascara "Lashblast" from cover girl

makes my eyelashes much more fuller and voluminous (however it's kinda clumpy because i forgot to separate them, sorry!)


I finally was able to try Classy Minerals a couple weeks back (I am just blogging about it now and it's in the youtube video, sorry for the delay) I love it! especially the:

1) "Deep Coral"
Lipgloss they gave me to try! Check out the picture!
and their:

2) Primer ("Smooth") is verrrry comparable to Camellia's Rose's primer! (It feels the sammmmmme) only $6.99

3) Foundation (I have been looking for my perfect shade of foundation, trying (Everyday Minerals, Madminerals, Bare Escentuals (gag...omg bismuth oxychloride, no thank you)...etc) and i have not found the perfect shade till now! in case you're wondering I'm Medium Light. It's perfect, not too yellow, not too tan, perfectttttt. plus it stays on without melting off my face in the now Northern California weather of (what feels like 100 degrees, probably more like high 90s).

4) Setting Spray: I love it! Feels just like my MAC Fix+ Spray at a much cheaper price. they have a sample for just $1.25, it should last you for a while.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

MAC Free Lipstick California Dreamin'

from fabulessbeauty

Pick up your FREE California Dreamin' Lipstick! (only for Californians) I'm getting mine today!

List of Carcinogens in skincare products


alll frightening, oh man should i really throw out my mac blushes with talc in them?.....dilemma dilemma....everything seems to contain some sort of carcinogen nowadays, literally everywhere, in the food we eat and in the products we apply to our hair. Read on! to see the list of cancer causing creepers!

The groups below are separated into Direct Carcinogens, Hidden Carcinogens or Contaminants,
Formaldehyde Releasers and Hormonal Disruptors.
Direct Carcinogens
Diethanolamine & Triethanolamine
DEA and TEA can result in the formation of carcinogens in products containing nitrite preservatives. Chemical reactions between nitrites and DEA/ TEA occur during the manufacturing process and while products are stored in their containers forming carcinogenic nitrosamines.
Talc has been linked with ovaraian cancer particularly when used in the genitalia and inhaled.
Crystalline Silica
Coal Tar Dyes
Used in cosmetics, lipsticks etc.
Para-Phenylendiamine (PPD) (used for temporary tattoos).
Research indicates:
• Linked to cancer in workers and users
• Suspected mutagen
• Associated with allergic reactions
• Can penetrate the skin
• Skin irritant.
Used in hair dyes particularlt dark colours and especially black.
Methylisothiazolinone & Methylchloroisothiazolinone
Preservatives used instead of parabens
Hidden Carcinogens or Contaminants

Organocholrine pesticides in, lanolin
(Lanolin itself is perfectly safe. But cosmetic-grade lanolin can be contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides such as DDT, dieldrin, and lindane, in addition to other neurotoxic pesticides).
Arsenic, lead in blue1, green 3: in, Coal tar dyes
Dioxane: in, PEG, Polysorbates, Laureth, ethoxylated alcohols
A wide range of personal care products including shampoos, hair conditioners, cleansers, lotions, and creams, besides household products such as soaps and cleaning products, contain surfactants or detergents such as ethoxylated alcohols, polysorbates, and laureths. These ingredients are generally contaminated with high concentrations of the highly volatile 1,4 – dioxane, which is both readily inhaled and absorbed through the skin. The carcinogenicity of dioxane in rodents was first reported in 1965 and subsequently confirmed in other studies including by the National Cancer Institute in 1978; the predominant sites of cancer were nasal passages in rats and liver in mice. Epidemiological studies on dioxane-exposed furniture makers have reported suggestive evidence of excess nasal passage cancers. On the basis of such evidence, the Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that "the presence of 1,4 – dioxane, even as a trace contaminant, is a cause of concern." These avoidable risks of cancer in numerous personal care, besides other consumer, products is inexcusable, particularly as the dioxane is readily removed from surfactants during their manufacture by a process known as "vacuum stripping."
Nitrosamine Precursors
Padmitate O
Formaldehyde Releasers
•may break down in products into formaldehyde and also cause the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines under certain conditions.
Quaternium 15
Diazolidinyl Urea
Imidazolidinyl Urea
DMDM Hyadrantoin

Artificial Colors
Some artificial colors, such as Blue 1 and Green 3, are carcinogenic. Impurities found in commercial batches of other cosmetic colors such as D&C Red 33, FD&C Yellow 5, and FD&C yellow 6 have been shown to cause cancer not only when ingested, but also when applied to the skin. Some artificial coal tar colors contain heavy metal impurities, including arsenic and lead, which are carcinogenic.
Hair Dyes
The use of permanent or semi permanent hair color products, particularly black and dark brown colors, is associated with increased incidence of human cancer including non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and Hodgkin's disease. There are several natural hair-coloring products which are relatively effective and safe.
Cosmetic talc is carcinogenic. Inhaling talc and using it in the genital area, where its use is associated with increased risk of ovarian cancer, are the primary ways this substance poses a carcinogenic hazard.
Some silica used in cosmetics, especially amorphous hydrated silica, may be contaminated with small amounts of crystalline quartz. Crystalline Silica is carcinogenic.
Hormone Disruptors
Phthalates Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP or BzBP).
Found in products such as : hair sprays, perfume, nail polishes. Used to soften plastic, skin moisturisers and skin penetration enhancers in cosmetics.
Research indicates:
• Known to cause serious reproductive and developmental effects in lab animals
• linked to premature breast development in young girls and interference with reproductive development in male foetuses
• hormone disruptors
A group of artificial preservatives also known as Alkyl parahydroxy benzoates – butyl/methyl/ethyl/ propyl/isobutyl paraben.
Evidence shows them to:
• mimic oestrogens in the body
• penetrate the skin and appear in the blood.
• found in breast tumours.
Found in: lacquers and nail polish.
• May cause spontanious abortion in women exposed to it.
• skin irritant and may cause liver damage
• narcotic in high concentrations
• attacks the central nervous system, eyes, blood, liver, kidneys and skin.
Found in: lacquers and nail polish.
Names to watch out for: xylol or dimethylbenzene
• skin and respiratory tract irritant
• may cause liver damage
• narcotic in high concentrations
Butylated Hydroxytoluene, E321
Used as a synthetic antioxidant.
• Irritation
• Linked to possible behavioural effects and reproductive problems
Propylene Glycol
• Can cause contact dermatitis
• Linked to depression of the Central Nervous System.
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
• Skin, eye and respiratory tract irritant
• May damage liver, lungs and immune system
• Some evidence to suggest reproductive effects.

Alternatives to La Mer and new line of skincare

So I've been using the Kiehls Abyssine Cream, and sadly it is not as good as La mer (as you may have already known....) sigh. however! I am introducin a new line of skincare that I really like (within five minutes of using it after I had sunburn it felt super refreshing)

The Organic Pharmacy has really good natural products. I love their Clay Mask, very refreshing, although it is a bit on the pricey side.

a little bit about them:

The Organic Pharmacy is the first and only pharmacy in the world dedicated to health and beauty using organic products and treatments. Fully registered with The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, we choose to specialise ONLY in herbs, homeopathy and organic skincare.

how to use their products:

Since we use only the purest & highest grade natural and organic ingredients, a little goes a long way. We hand make everything in small batches to ensure you always get the best. Every Organic Pharmacy Product has a shelf life of 2 years unopened and 9 months opened. To help maintain the freshness we recommend the following: Products should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat. They should be kept cool but not extreme cold. Please use clean fingers to remove product from jars or use a spatula or spoon to minimise introduction of bacteria. Always replace the cap & keep water out.

how it started:

t all began 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. Already aware of the benefits of organic food, I had not yet made the connection between skin care and toxicity until I read an article by Professor Samuel Epstein that changed my life and I hope the lives of those around me. Shocked to see ingredients in everyday toiletries - including baby ones - I rushed to my local health food store only to find products labelled organic or natural to contain these very toxins. With my pharmaceutical background I found it easy to identify toxic ingredients but the average consumer who is even unaware of the potential danger would find it a mammoth task.

On average each of us use between 5-15 products a day from deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, moisturiser, cleanser, foundation, blush, concealer ......... the list goes on and so do the toxins. None of this would matter if the skin did not absorb 60% of what is applied to it. Unfortunately natural does not mean natural and organic does not always mean toxin free. It is very much up to you, the consumer, to identify which ingredients to look for.
Below you will find a list of the main toxins and what they do. It is not an exhaustive list by any means.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery

Although I have not quite reached the stage where women begin to consider having a face lift/injections/or botox, I do wonder whether I would ever truly consider doing it when the time comes. Sure it might be easy to say now "no I'll never do that!" Sometimes I can't help but feel what I would do if I had sagging boobs or two deep sagging wrinkles somewhere...

anyways here's another interesting article I read:

i love her quote in the end, "'We broke through the glass ceiling, and we broke the gender barrier, with a tremendous amount of effort, and now we all want to look like Atomic Kittens,' she said. 'Where is the emancipation in that?'"


As Vogue editor, she's an arbiter of beauty - so why does Alexandra Shulman say 'sorry, but I DEPLORE cosmetic surgery'?

By Alexandra Shulman

Last updated at 8:23 AM on 30th May 2008

Six of us were around the dinner table that night. Three women, each with our partners: myself, our hostess (a beauty in her 60s) and a ravishing looking woman of indeterminate age.

The last had returned from a week of radical detoxing and her figure was fantastic, sheathed in a tight pencil skirt above high Christian Louboutin shoes.

But it was her face that impressed more, with its pale, unlined, impassive beauty.

The next day, I rang my hostess to congratulate her on the evening, and after saying what fun we had had and how delicious the food was, I asked how old our fellow female guest was.


Women are now living in a time where 'having work done' is as commonplace as visiting the doctor

Alexandra Shulman

Alexandra Shulman: Editor of Vogue 'deplores cosmetic surgery'

'Oh 50, perhaps,' she replied. 'She can't possibly be 50!' I snapped back. 'She's much older than me. I remember her name in the papers when I was still at school.'

'Well, let me see, maybe 55? I don't know . . . Wasn't she looking wonderful, though. The best I've ever seen?'

'Mmm,' I concurred, adding most uncharitably: 'Do you think she's had work done?'

'Do you mean plastic surgery?' replied my friend. 'Of course not. She's not the type.'

Now that little conversation encapsulates the repartee that regularly boomerangs between women nowadays as we deal with the thorny subject of 'having work done'.

What exactly is the difference between 'having work done' and 'plastic surgery', we wonder? If you're having work done, are you having plastic surgery?

If you look good when everybody knows that you have 'had work done', do you win the same brownie points as you would if we didn't know? Are you more impressive if you are completely natural? And do we even know how old somebody is supposed to look at any given age nowadays?

I could go on. It's a minefield. We live in a time when cosmetic intervention (the blanket terminology used for procedures such as peels, Botox, collagen, or vitamin shots) has become extraordinarily common.

Only a few years ago, people spoke in hushed voices of having facelifts and plastic surgery. Such cheating - as it was often viewed - remained a clandestine affair. Those who went ahead checked themselves out of work or home and disappeared for a few days. This was then followed by a week of 'house detention', swathed in scarves and dark glasses.

Now, though, Botox clinics and laser rejuvenation booths are housed in department stores and pharmacies nationwide. It's as easy to freeze the lines in your face during the lunch hour as it is to pick up a packet of frozen peas. You can fill those nasty naso-labial crevices that drag your face down as simply as you can file your nails.

So, what's the problem? Well, the first problem to me is: What's the point? Or, to turn that on its head: the point is the problem.

What's the point?


Filler is injected into a woman's lips to give a plumper look

The point, I assume, of injecting potions into your face, or peeling off gossamer-fine layers of the epidermis, or moving little bits of fat around under the skin to place them in more flattering areas than where they may have naturally deposited themselves, is, surely, to make yourself look better.

You want to look better because you feel better if you look better. And, as a not insignificant side-effect, you think you are going to look younger. And why do you want to look younger? Because . . . well, we all want to be younger, don't we? Silly question.

We want to look younger because we remember youthful vigour. We want to be sexually attractive, we fear our bosses might think we are getting past it, and, basically, we don't want to be old and physically decaying.

But while we want to look younger, we are emphatically not going to get any younger. And while we can a do a great deal about the kind of clothes we wear, and the food we eat, and the holidays we take, and the colour we paint our bathroom, we can't do a damn thing about the fact that we are going to get older.

So the very thing that we can't avoid happening to us - the fact of the years passing - we refuse to embrace, or at least accept.

Instead, we embark on a process of camouflage, indulging in procedures that sound, at best, unpleasant or, at worst, downright painful, while all the time the point - which is to defy the passing of time - is in itself unachievable.

My own position, as someone who edits Vogue and works in a world devoted to encouraging women to look good, is somewhat at odds with many of my peers.

I stubbornly refuse to try out any of these procedures, claiming that I am not in the habit of fighting battles I can't win. And the battle to keep my looks youthful certainly would come into this category.

In my idealised world, rather than spending my lunch hours constantly topping up my cheekbones, or propping up my jaw line, or (the one I find hardest to resist) scooping up a bit of that tired-looking puddle of crepe under my eyes, I would be learning a new language or teaching myself about the Old Masters, or reading Flaubert.

Anyway, doing something that would improve my mind rather than my face. (Though, unfortunately, I'm not doing that either.)

I also personally feel that it would be depressing to give into it.

While I happily highlight my hair and spend a small fortune on serums and oils, and anything with the word 'radiant' on the packaging, to smear onto my skin in an attempt to improve on nature, for some reason this doesn't, to my mind, fall into the same trap as starting a relationship with a surgeon.

Perhaps it's that when I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, I can still see the real me.

But while I might be choosing not to tinker around with my face, I am surrounded by those who do. And if I make that choice I have to live with the consequences - which might become increasingly difficult as I age. And others seemingly don't.

Professional women who, until recently, have sneered at the vanity and frivolity of others having work done on their face (previously labelling them as bimbos, airheads, trophy wives and socialites) are now going in groups to see Dr Thingummyjig in Harley Street.

Why? Because they're propelled by a potent mix of the fear of looking older than their peers, and a sneaking admiration of those who achieve this modern alchemy successfully.

Once you start, it's hard to stop

another thing entirely - I wouldn't dream of doing that'); even by embarking on that first filler, they cross a psychological frontier into another country.

Everyone agrees that once you start, it's hard not to continue. And, of course, what starts with tweaking a bit around the forehead, moves on seamlessly to doing something to those grim lines around the mouth. Then before you know it, there's a simple tuck that could make all the difference to that grim middle-aged mask sneaking up on you.

And it's not only one's peers who are moving the goalposts, but the physically attractive role models we turn to as beacons of possibility, most of whom (particularly our most cherished 'silver stars') have had some kind of help or other.

Even though casting agents now annotate their notes with Facelift or No Facelift, we still like to think of all these women as naturally gorgeous, and therefore inspirations to us all. But the sad truth is there's scarcely an actress over 50 who hasn't experimented with a bit of intervention.

cosmetic surgery

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is passing a major psychological frontier for many women

'In this country, people think you have to look effortlessly fabulous without any surgical assistance,' said a friend who is no stranger to the cosmetic surgeon.

And it's true - that old dab of Ponds Cold Cream and chopstick-in-the-hair routine that we cherish has meant that, unlike in other countries where everybody accepts that women get work done, many people still maintain a complete naivete about how widespread it is here.

There is also a polarised attitude towards famous women, along the lines that we want them to look great, but we don't want them to have achieved this through cosmetic surgery. Hence the mocking paparazzi pictures of them stepping out of Harley Street doorways.

And then there's the medical side of it all. Until relatively recently, it was easier to decide not to have cosmetic intervention because so much of it was so badly done, so clumsily achieved and so terrifying, using scalpels and anaesthetics and the whole hospital hoopla that most of would rather avoid.

But with the advances made each year, the decision becomes ever more complex.

However, even though the procedures might in themselves be simpler, and more effective, the issues remain the same.

Firstly, in a time where we are all obsessed with eating healthy foods, supporting organic initiatives and shielding our children from E numbers, how on earth do you defend the choice to introduce unnatural substances into your skin, the long-term effects of which we still don't know?

The Guinea Pig Generation

In the latest Vogue, we have published a piece called the Guinea Pig Generation, which explores just how concerned we should be about the things we are doing to our bodies.

We warn of the dangers of inexpert technicians, of undergoing procedures that have not been thoroughly tested, and of the as-yet unknown long-term effects.

And then there's the question of how people actually look if they choose to 'have some work done'. We all know the strange, petrified facial appearance of seemingly intelligent and successful women with ever-increasing lip sizes and scarily expressionless faces. You just need to switch on the television to see them.

It's the same problem as when you touch up the decorating in your house. When one room gets a paint job, the rest of the place looks a bit tired and grimy. When you do a bit of 'refreshing' around the eyes, suddenly there's a bit of a problem around the nose.

And where is the character and personality in a face that has been made into some Stepford Wife style clone?

Of course, the nub of the matter is that many women feel compelled to keep updating their faces in order to remain sexually attractive, and I'm afraid it's a fact of life that men often do trade in their wives for a younger model.

And it's also true that, with so many divorces, women often have to participate in the dating scene at a far later age.

But for all the ageing guys sporting a young woman on their arm, there are plenty more who find a woman of their own age attractive - yes, for an appearance that happily includes the character and individuality gained through the years.

The truth is that often it's not the men who are demanding anything of us, but we women - ludicrously perpetuating the notion in our own minds that a smooth brow and firm jaw will lead us to Nirvana.

If we feel compelled to continually play catch-up with our naturally ageing bodies, is it any wonder that we are likely to feel permanently dissatisfied?

'I despair of what we have done post-feminism,' said one hugely successful woman retailer to me the other day, adding that she'd once tried Botox, didn't like the effect, but was definitely going to go for the eyelift soon.

'We broke through the glass ceiling, and we broke the gender barrier, with a tremendous amount of effort, and now we all want to look like Atomic Kittens,' she said. 'Where is the emancipation in that?'

Angelina Jolie Vanity Fair

Has anyone seen the new Angelina Jolie July Vanity Fair cover? she is soooo hot!!! I always love the way she does her liner in a very seductive come hither/bedroom look, with taupe eyeshadows and nude lips. I'm sure many of you are willing to turn lesbian for angie, me too! hahaha almost :)

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